I have a deep passion for learning, teaching, and playing the game of tennis.
Holly Chomyn
Master Professional

Tennis is a great game that challenges you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Striving to be the best that I can be in all facets of the game, I am a Master Professional with the United States Professional Tennis Association (USTA), USTA High Performance Coach, and Master Professional Racquet Technician, earning over 825 hours of continued education.

I have worked with all ages and levels for over 30 years, helping people achieve their tennis goals, whether it is learning to play in a social game of doubles or to play competitively at a national level. Even though I have a background of working with high-level players, being a USTA Zonal Coach, and coaching the University of Delaware men’s and women’s teams, I have the same passion and equally enjoy working with beginners and social players. I strive to pass on my passion for tennis, facilitating educational, fun, and enjoyable experiences.


Favorite Female Pro: Steffi Graf

Steffi won 22 Grand Slam titles and is the only player to win the “Golden Grand Slam,” winning all four major titles and an Olympic Gold medal in the same year. I admire her mental toughness and that she won on multiple surfaces. Steffi was one of my favorite players to watch because she demonstrated that you could win on the WTA with a slice backhand, which is what I use.

Favorite Male Pro: Roger Federer

I love to watch Roger because he has near perfect strokes and is a wonderful mover around the court. I frequently refer my students to Roger’s technique because it is a modern swing with a traditional style, nothing extreme. I also like Roger as he is genuine and gives back to others through his foundation.

Favorite Tournament: Wimbledon

I like Wimbledon because it is the true champion who can adjust their game to be successful on grass.

Favorite Stroke: Volley

Volleys add variety to the game. There are different types of volleys such as angle volleys, put-away volleys, drop volleys, lob volleys, and swinging volleys. Volleys can be exciting because they usually finish the point, one way or the other. You want to be a good volleyer to end points at the net and to be successful in doubles.